Mandala Wellth—Flexibility of Mind, Body and eCommerce Website

Mandala Wellth—Flexibility of Mind, Body and eCommerce Website

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Everyone could benefit from some Zen in their busy day-to-day lives, even massage therapists and health care providers! For someone like Mandy Bishop who has a strong passion for bringing wellness to people and a deep knowledge of health essentials, this also means delivering a curated self-care experience right to your doorstep. As the owner of Mandala Massage, a wellness clinic located in Regina, Saskatchewan, Mandy understands the importance of turning self-care into a lifestyle. Thus, Mandala Wellth was created; an e-commerce extension of their clinic where new, past or prospective clients can search for self-care essentials, anti-aging pillows, non-toxic beauty and more. It serves as a digitally competent addition to the client-centered experience offered at the clinic. Shoppers can trust that each product is carefully selected to ensure quality and value. With new products being added to the store regularly, it leaves little reason not to subscribe to the newsletter!

Creating a new e-commerce website to serve as an extension of your existing business is no easy feat, especially during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. By this time, Mandy had established her clinic and had a roster of clients who trusted the business’s health and wellness service. It was time to grow that trust to a fully functioning eCommerce website.

“Over the past two months, life as a small business owner has been challenging. COVID-19 has been a true litmus test of resilience and financial management skills for many, and I am no exception. I am grateful to have launched my store in time for Christmas, and hope to make more sales over the holiday season.”

– Mandy Bishop

A simple Google search of ‘website builder’ presents one with an almost endless selection of platforms, which can be stressful in determining next steps. That’s where the ShopHERE powered by Google program was of great help, offering not only 1-on-1 support in building a website but experienced support in helping identify their needs for their eCommerce platform. Mandy worked with her personal eCommerce Coordinator, Olivia, who swiftly eased any concerns or confusion. Each carefully selected product had to be organized efficiently for clients to easily navigate while following the same colours and branding of the clinic website. Having this new venture supported by Olivia freed some time for the founder to focus more on the business’s day-to-day and passion for bringing wellness and comfort to clients. Before she knew it, the Mandala Wellth website was live!

“At the beginning of this project, I felt like I had no idea where to begin with starting an e-commerce store. Olivia helped me through every step of the process and has been incredibly helpful and patient. I would not be celebrating the new e-commerce venture without the help of DMS.

This new Shopify website effectively accomplishes its goal of bringing the wellness experienced in the clinic, right to your home. It has also provided Mandala Wellth with another stream of revenue as regular clients can now access their favourite products online. If any troubleshooting issues arose in the building process, their eCommerce Coordinator supported by researching solutions or apps to resolve it and bypass functionality limitations. In addition to the support offered in building their new website, the ShopHERE powered by Google program also includes training sessions to equip the founder with all the tools needed in order to maintain the website in the long term.

“The ShopHERE Program by Digital Main Street has been instrumental to my launch of Mandala Wellth. I found the staff to be helpful and knowledgeable in every step of the process, from concept to design and marketing. I am very satisfied with my e-commerce website and the help I received from Digital Main Street. I would highly recommend this program to other business owners seeking to diversify and expand their offerings.

Thanks to the support received through the program, Mandy’s focus is now centered around bigger goals such as increasing the store’s local and national presence through the appropriate marketing channels, and growing more macro KPIs such as brand awareness. Strategies include encouraging repeat purchasing through subscriptions, monthly mystery boxes, and engaging email marketing—the possibilities are endless. DMS cannot wait to see how Mandala Wellth will use these strategies to grow and continue track record of success!

“ShopHERE is a game changer—if you have any hesitation at all about starting an e-commerce site, just apply to the program and go for it. Their team will help you every step of the way and you will learn as you go—e-commerce is the future of business in today’s economy.

If you are interested in seeing Mandy’s wide selection of carefully selected self-care products, click here. If you are also a small or medium-sized business just starting out and intrigued by this experience, you can visit the Canada Digital Adoption Program – Grow Your Business Online for the opportunity to access support in Saskatchewan.

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