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Introduction to Economic Development Program Saskatchewan

Welcome to Introduction to Community and Economic Development!  This self-directed learning program is designed to provide foundational knowledge and skills for individuals interested in community and economic development within the context of Saskatchewan.

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This program consists of FOUR MODULES and it is strongly recommended that you work through the material in the order it is presented.

Each Module is broken down into lessons. Each lesson consists of the following:

  1. STEP No. 1 Listen to the audio lecture.  The lecture can be stopped and rewound or fast forwarded. We recommend headphones be used.
  2. STEP No. 2 Study the lesson manual. Please download the manual for each lesson and store this document on your own computer or tablet. 
  3. STEP No. 3 Work through the Student Assignments, where applicable. In most cases, these are video assignments and case studies. We recommend you download all non-video assignments to your computer or laptop. Embedded videos on your lesson landing page can be enlarged to view.
  4. STEP No. 4 Take the self-directed quiz at the end of each lesson. These are optional quizzes for the student to test their knowledge. Students may take the same quiz up to 10 times – please contact the SEDA office if you wish us to extend the number of times you can take it.  The quiz will time out after 90 minutes has elapsed. The system will mark the quiz and send the results to the student by email.
  5. Optional Downloads/Student Resources. In some lessons, resource materials have been provided for the student to review and download if desired.

Final Exam

  1. Formal Program Assessment. In order to receive a completion certificate for the online program, a take-home assessment exam will be sent to the student when 1) all four modules are completed; 2) the student indicates they are ready for the exam. The exam must be returned via email to the SEDA office within 48 hours. The exam is drawn from the quizzes as well as lesson assignments. A Certificate of Completion will be sent to the student via email following review of the exam. This program is credited with 20 points towards the Professional Community and Economic Developer of Saskatchewan Certification and with 8 points toward the National Economic Developer Certification of Canada. 
  2. Professional Community and Economic Developer of Saskatchewan Certification PCED.SK.  Online learners going on to write the classroom-based certification exam are not required to take the program assessment outlined in #1.
  3. It is assumed that the student will read all the lesson manuals as well as listen to the audio lectures. In some instances, we have emphasized completion and documentation of assignments as they may relate directly to the course completion exam. Pay attention to assignments which pose questions to the learner.

Find out more about the Professional Community and Economic Developer of Saskatchewan Certification by downloading the Certification Handbook. Maintaining your Certification Handbook is also available.

Study Tips

  1. It is assumed that the student will read all the lesson manuals as well as listen to the audio lectures. In some instances, we have emphasized completion of assignments as they relate directly to the final exam. Pay attention to assignments which have questions associated with them.
  2. With reference to case studies and assigned activities, these are designed for the students to apply the concepts being taught and to expand their own self-awareness with respect to community and economic development. Sometimes, there is no single correct answer.  The assignments provide an opportunity for the student to integrate their own life experience and observations into the scenarios being presented.
  3. Students may contact the Program Administrator at 306-381-3900 and if 1) there are technical issues with the online platform and 2) if they need a Coach and wish to discuss any of the materials and/or assignments.  
  4. A note on Videos. During the audio lecture, you will be prompted to stop the lecture and access a Video Assignment. Of course, it may be more practical for you to finish the audio lecture and then access the video. These assignments are embedded in your lesson manual as well as on the lesson landing page.  It is recommended you use a separate browser if you are opening external videos while still listening to the lesson audio lecture. 

This Program is supported by our DIAMOND PARTNER:

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