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Resource Mapping

Resource mapping(often called asset mapping) has grown to prominence as an essential tool in community and regional economic development.

The benefits of mapping include:

Resource Identification: Existing resources that can be utilized to support development initiatives are isolated ensuring congruency between strategy and natural strengths of the region.

Foundation for Strategic Planning and Implementation: Resource mapping lays the foundation for strategic planning and provides a benchmark from which to measure progress over time,

Catalyst for Partnership: Leaders can see common interests and organizational links which can motivate them to strengthen or form new partnerships.

Organizing and Motivational Tool for Implementation: Resource mapping is a tool to assist in engaging stakeholders in development. The mapping team members often become the cornerstone of future development activities.

Asset-Based Community Development Toolkit.  Building on what we have got, focusing on the positives and strengths of the community is the focus of this Tool Kit developed by Australia’s Central Coast Community Congress.

Video: “Local Assets can be Economic Generators”

In the Subscribers Only Section you will find:

  • Asset mapping in the cultural, sport, natural resource and manufacturing sectors
  • Community and neighbourhood asset mapping
  • Youth resources mapping
  • Toolkits and guides to support resource mapping implementation
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