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Economic Resilience and Recovery

Our three part ECONOMIC PREPAREDNESS & RECOVERY TOOLKIT connects disaster management functions with economic principles to identify key issues and suggested action planning.  Wherever possible, resources and contacts specific to Saskatchewan has been included. This information will be updated as changes in our provincial emergency management and economic environment occur. The TOOLKIT is available in the  subscribers only area.

SEDA offers a one day workshop and customized community planning services to assist communities in preparing for potential interruptions such as pandemics and natural disasters. 

In the Subscribers Only Section you will find:

  • Economic Preparedness & Recovery Toolkit
  • 2020 Economic Resilience Webinar Series (recorded)
    1. Economic Recovery: Essential First Steps and Best Practices
    2. Local Investment Vehicles: Community Investment Co-ops
    3. Remote Working & Rural Hubs
    4. Placemaking: Public Spaces In A New Normal
    5. Local Investment Vehicles: Community Foundations
    6. Pivoting Tourism As We Emerge from Covid-19
    7. Recovery Strategies for Long Term Resiliance
    8. Resilience Via the Ecosystem Approach
    9. Filling the Gaps: Emerging Business Opportunities
    10. Business Reinvention: The New Normal on Main Street and Every Street
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