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Local Economies

Local living economy communities generally produce and exchange locally as many products needed by their citizens as they reasonably can, while reaching out to other communities to trade in those products they cannot reasonably produce at home. These communities value and encourage cultural exchange and cooperation.

Import Replacement Strategy for Rural Atlantic Canada

Import replacement is a leading edge local economic development strategy that seeks to produce locally those goods and services that are currently imported. By doing so money and wealth is kept circulating in the region. This 2018 Report prepared by the The Centre for Local Prosperity makes good reading for all community leaders and development professionals.

How Buying Local First Impacts Your Community

In the Subscribers Only Section you will find:

  • Example of a Business Leakage Analysis.
  • Economic Impact of Farmers Markets in Canada.
  • A Community Action Guide to assist in creating food-secure communities.
  • Regional Food Systems Guide highlights the opportunities for regional food systems in rural planning and development.
  • Retail Diversity and Economics Studies.
  • The economic impact of local suppliers in the procurement pipeline.
  • Local Food Movement – community and farm planning.

Interested in Making a Difference?

You may be asking “How do I make a Shift to buying Local First?” We have developed the Local Calculator to help you determine the easiest ways to make this Shift. Using this tool, you can adjust your personal shift by 10% in each category by following these simple steps:

  1. Enter your best estimate of how much you spend per year on each category. No need to be exact, approximations work fine
  2. Next, estimate how much of your current purchasing is local by entering a percentage in the “Est. % Local” for each category. If you are not sure how to do business with a Local Independent in this category, you can move the cursor over the category name and an explanation of `what is local’ will pop up. We have abbreviated the term “Local Independent” to LI in these pop-ups.

Now it’s time to make the shift. Enter the percentage of your purchases in each category that you will shift to Local Independents in the next twelve months. Adjust these numbers until the number at the bottom right corner reaches (or surpasses) the 10% Shift. 

Shelter Annual $ Annual % Est % Local My % Shift MY TOTAL SHIFT
Home Mortgage/Rent Finance home with LI bank or credit union, or rent from a local landlord $ % % % %
Utilities, Phone, Internet Use an LI provider when available $ % % % %
Home Improvements LI contractors, hardware stores, and lumber yards $ % % % %
Home Equipment/Furnishings LI hardware, furniture, and houseware stores $ % % % %
Food, Drinks, etc.
Groceries LI grocery stores, food coops, CSA’s, farmer’s markets $ % % % %
Restaurants LI restaurants, cafes, and coffee houses $ % % % %
Alcohol/Tobacco LI liquor stores or grocery stores $ % % % %
Gas, Mass Transit, Plane Walk or bike first, take mass transit second, and use LI gas stations third. $ % % % %
Auto/Bike Insurance and Repairs LI insurance agent $ % % % %
Car Payments Finance car with LI bank or credit union $ % % % %
Clothing LI Clothing stores, resale stores, or make your own clothes using materials from an LI fabric stores $ % % % %
Book/CDs/Publications LI bookstores, record/CD stores, and publications $ % % % %
High Tech/Electronics LI electronic stores $ % % % %
Gifts/Misc. Retail LI retail shops $ % % % %
Health Insurance LI HMO or insurance company $ % % % %
Physicians, Dentists, Hospitals LI physicians, dentists, hospitals, and holistic health centers $ % % % %
Prescriptions/Medicine LI pharmacies & natural food stores $ % % % %
Recreation/Health/Fitness LI health clubs, mind/body practitioners, and other recreation businesses $ % % % %
Personal Care/Hair LI personal care businesses $ % % % %
Vacations and Fun
Hotel/B and B's LI hotels, motels, and Bed & Breakfast’s $ % % % %
Entertainment LI music, films, art, drama, sports teams, and other local events $ % % % %
Finance, Contributions, & Other
401K/Investments/Life Ins. LI agents and financial advisors $ % % % %
Credit Card Interest Eliminate credit card interest by refinancing credit card debt at LI bank or Credit Union and/or pay off balance every month $ % % % %
Contributions Donate to local community nonprofits $ % % % %
Other Look for every opportunity to do business with an LI $ % % % %
Income:    TOTAL SHIFT: %
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